My Story in Pictures and Words

This week we had to create a digital story. Let me tell you, this was 100% out of my comfort zone; I have never even attempted to do anything like this. Usually, I am on top of this class and have everything done before the weekend rolls around, but I wasn’t really confident in how I was going to tackle this project.

I have used iMovie before and realized that this would be the perfect tool to create my digital story. If you have an apple computer/laptop you should check this out sometime if you haven’t already. What I liked is that this was already an application that came downloaded onto my computer so all I had to do was add a theme, add my voiceover, add my pictures, and then add the music. Another plus, was all of the clips that I used were from garageband so they are not copyrighted material.

My metaphor was fall down 7 times stand up 8. I feel that this was perfect for my learning life both personal and professional. I also feel that this helps my journey in this class come to a “conclusion” so to speak because I started off the semester in my blog posts writing about failure. I have a couple of word misses in here so don’t critique too hard, but I hope you enjoy!


4 thoughts on “My Story in Pictures and Words

  1. jacobhendersonblog says:

    I really like the metaphor you chose to use! I think it is so important that we all learn to get back up when we fall. If we learn to bounce back from our failures and overcome our daily struggles then we will be successful in the long run. I think this is great. Your video was awesome too! I like the connection you made to all to all of your pictures. Great work!


  2. hillarybollish says:

    Thanks Jacob! I think that as well, we cannot always be successful at everything we do every time, so I think it’s important to learn to pick ourselves up after the fall. I think that it make the “victory” in the end that much sweeter!


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