Week 4: 30/30

So this was a “half” week of daily creates for me. I finally finished up yesterday and it was definitely interesting. It was fun doing something creative for 30 days in a row!

  1. #tdc1411 Red. We were to find the closest item to us that was red and take a picture. I happened to be at work, and I work for a school district, so a red stress apple was the closest thing I found :).file_0001.jpeg
  2. #tdc1921 Build a rainbow. I also did this one while I was at work. I love sticky notes and the little sticky tabs. It seemed fitting to make a rainbow out of all of the colors I had of these!file_000-1.jpegThis sums up my 30 days of ds106 Daily Creates!

2 thoughts on “Week 4: 30/30

  1. mackennamarie says:

    Your rainbow is so creative! I think that that is such a cute idea, I am also a huge fan of sticky notes. I’m glad your 30 creates went well, what was your favorite one you got to do?


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