Linda, Linda, Listen.

I think that many of us can say that we grew up being read to, or reading to ourselves. Some of us loved reading books and still do to this day and that includes me. There are also kids who completely hated reading and still do to this day. Personally I think that digital storytelling and podcasts apply to both of these groups. These digital stories and podcasts pull you in, interest you, and keep you wanting more.

As a future teacher of middle school language arts, this is a form of media that I feel comfortable using. The thing that I love the most is that there is appropriate content for people of all ages. I believe that this is a great resource to use in the classroom. This breaks up having reading groups, centers, and from having you read from a book. There are also a wide variety of genres that are offered through these podcasts, so why not make time to explore this!

There are so many positives for students listening to podcasts. In the blog What Teens are Learning From ‘Serial’ and other Podcasts, the author Linda Flanagan, listed many positives that aligned perfectly with Common Core Standards. Nebraska public schools don’t currently follow Common Core Standards, but they are still great skills that I believe all students can work on to improve! One of the positives that isn’t restricted to the CC standards is the fact that when students listen to podcasts, they are able to listen and comprehend content that is two or three grade levels above what they are actually reading. This is a positive for all students, especially students who struggle and get frustrated when they read.

Another great reason to integrate podcasts and storytelling into the classroom is a pretty plain one, but students enjoy it! They are able to connect with and understand the content more than that of the classics that all students read. Now, don’t get me wrong, the classics are a must and for me they were enjoyable to read, but with resources like this at the tips of our fingertips, a change of pace is nice, not only for the students but teachers as well.

If you’re looking for educational podcasts, then check out Angela Watson’s blog on 12 of my favorite podcasts for teachers. These are specifically for teachers and has a variety of podcasts varying from classroom management all the way to teaching experiences in the classroom. I believe that looking into these podcasts are essential as a first year teacher, and I believe that these would be great for experienced teachers as well!


22 thoughts on “Linda, Linda, Listen.

  1. timmikeisel says:

    First of all, I love the title of your blog. That video always cracks me up! Also, I agree that podcasts and digital stories have numerous benefits. They help kids learn, but students also just enjoy them! I remember I used to love to get read to when I was little. I agree that they are great for students who love to read, and they can be beneficial for kids who don’t love it! Great post!


  2. barnardeducationblog says:

    Podcasts could be so useful for reading and writing. Kids with disabilities, disorders, or ELL could really use this as a great stepping stool. It can enhance reading, writing, and auditory skills. Great post!


    • hillarybollish says:

      Yes I love the use for differentiated instruction, as well as for all kids. I truly believe that all kids could benefit from this type of instruction, and like you said it could enhance all students listening, fluency, and reading skills!


  3. courtneyhaywood says:

    Middle School Language Arts is a wonderful area to be able to utilize these medias in! They are at the age where it may be difficult to keep their attention for too long, and anything you can do to try to keep it is a great idea!! I hope it works out for you in your classroom!


  4. mollyecarrollblog says:

    LOL’s your title. I think that you made some interesting point in here. I also think that it’s a great idea to already be comfortable with these kinds of teaching methods because they are used so much already. Especially going in to language arts you will have a great opportunity to help students that struggle with attention reading to do well on assignments because podcasts and most types of digital storytelling are audio based. Nice work!


    • hillarybollish says:

      I agree Molly, even as I have gone through school there has been a shift to bring more technology and more resources that connect the students to today’s day and age and the problem and solutions that we can bring as well.


  5. ryanlmosier says:

    Growing up in a digital age I don’t see why digital storytelling wouldn’t bring students in. I personally was more invested in the digital story that I watched when I was writing my blog. I find it interesting how much more invested we can be with images and words.


  6. mackennamarie says:

    I think that you being able to bring this into your middle school will be so effective for your students. I know that Language Arts was not my favorite subject in school and I always seemed to have to learn the same way throughout my years of schooling. I hope you have good luck with this method in educating your students!


  7. littlebrainfood says:

    AWESOME TITLE! I love that video. 🙂 It was great to read a post talking about so many pros to digital stories and podcasts. I am one who was kind of struggling to become interested in them, but being a teacher we have to be flexible. I think middle school would be the perfect age to introduce them as well as have them use them in your classroom.Like you said about students enjoy them… I think that is what matters most and that is where we need to be neutral and flexible whether we enjoy them or not.
    Take care!
    Bailey 🙂


    • hillarybollish says:

      Thanks! I love the video too, it always makes me laugh! I feel as if it is totally understandable to struggle to get into the podcasts and digital storytelling. I for one, was not very fond of the digital storytelling at all, so I can understand the struggle. Like you said, we need to be flexible and if it’s a media that our students are interested in and can relate to I think it’s worth integrating into the content.


  8. blogwithkel says:

    Something that students get too much of is powerpoint, articles, and other read material. I think by bringing in podcasts, students will have a better understanding of their class, and will be able to use different opinions and idea.
    Great pos!


  9. ashlynhansondiglit says:

    I knew I wanted to read your blog as soon as I saw your title! That video makes me laugh every time! I think it is awesome that you feel comfortable using podcasts and digital storytelling in your classroom! When they are used in the right way, they can certainly be enjoyable for both students and teachers!! Whenever we can find new and interesting ways to present information required by the standards in our classrooms, I think our students will appreciate it!


  10. vmfank says:

    Linda, Linda Listen was a great video! Even though that little guy was so small and young, he still had a story to tell. I watched the entire video, even though I couldn’t stop laughing! 🙂 Some podcasts my husband listens to would definitely not be appropriate for the classroom. What is wonderful, as you mentioned, is that there are podcasts available for different age groups. What is nice about the digital storytelling and podcasts is that they can be fiction and nonfiction. Nice job!


    • hillarybollish says:

      I thought the video was so cute/hilarious! That’s what I like about podcasts/digital storytelling, there are some for personal enjoyment, which aren’t always appropriate for the classroom, but then there are a multitude of ones out there that could be appropriate in multiple settings!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. triciamillerblog says:

    I know everyone has said it, but your title makes me so happy. My mom still laughs so hard she cries when she sees it. I also agree with how we loved getting read to. I personally think that being read to by someone in person is so much better. Being able to interact with the class while reading is the best part of story time or anything. I really enjoyed reading your blog.


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