Week 3: 21/30

This is the third week of the ds106 30 day challenge. I can’t believe that in a week and a couple of days this will all be over. I am just sharing what I did this week!

  1. #tdc1663 Filtered Selfie. I enlisted the help of Instagram so that I could add a filter I never use. I used the lo-fi filter!File_000
  2. #tdc1672 Fun with street signs. Wonder where this is found, remind me to never go there!11-photo-u1
  3. #tdc1687 What have you fixed lately? Or, made better? I recently have started a “gallery” wall in my living room, and have kept adding to it this week!File_000
  4. #tdc1697 It’s Just Like Riding a Bicycle. Wanted us to show the bicycle that I got last summer. It’s my favorite and I love riding it to work during nice weather!File_000 (1).png
  5.  #tdc1698 An interesting, beautiful…door knob. I think that this door knob is so cool, and it would be fun to come upon a house that had something like this!dor knob
  6. #tdc1757 Illustrate a word that lacks an English translation. I got the word below, and found a perfect image to fit the non-translatable English word.Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.56.36 AMsunlight through trees
  7. #tdc1776 Take a Stand on an Issue: Over or Under? I have always been an advocate for over, it is the only correct way. Now, I’ve got the patent to back it up!Correct TP

6 thoughts on “Week 3: 21/30

  1. courtneyhaywood says:

    The ds106’s are super fun! Though I am glad to be done!! First off I love that door handle. I kinda want one… I also wanted to say I completely agree with toilet paper going over not under…. Why make it harder for yourself to grab it as it goes around? It’s pretty cool you did the update in your blog it helps to see them all together sometimes!


    • hillarybollish says:

      Thanks Courtney! I initially was posting in on twitter, but then I felt it would be easer/better to have them all grouped together in my blog. I’ve done that since last week, and honestly prefer to just keep them stored in a word processor and then just transfer it over to my blog!


  2. alondramunoz says:

    Yay! Glad you finished, like Courtney said, they are fun but it is a relief once you’re done. You had really nice images. As far as the toilette paper goes I never paid attention until I saw your post and in my bathroom it was under. Now I am probably going to be all OCD about it.


  3. jacobhendersonblog says:

    Great post! I really enjoy doing these creates too! They are super easy to do, but they are so creative. I really like how you have shared yours through a post for all of us to view at one time. Great job!


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