#ds106 Week 2 Recap


  1.  #tdc1612 Sharing Happiness. My nephew/family recently came and visited me! I finally found colors that I want to re-paint my living room with. Also, I found a medal holder that I want to make!

2. #tdc1893 Video Reversed. IMG_2156.PNG

3. #tdc1429 Where do you “Daily Create?” I daily create on my laptop, usually at night, snuggled up in front of the t.v.!


4. #tdc1480 Design a cattle brand for yourself. This is the one that I designed using symbols from the provided website!


5. #tdc1535 Itch-a-Sketch DS106 . This one was so fun. It was a digital version of etch-a-sketch.


6. #tdc1581 Create a logo for yourself with Mark Maker. This is an awesome site that creates free logos! It was fun playing around with it and see what the site came up with.


7. #tdc1635 Name that movie. Can you guess this movie?


This is my week 2 summed up! 14 days down, 16 more to go!


6 thoughts on “#ds106 Week 2 Recap

  1. vmfank says:

    Way to stay on track with the daily create. I started mine last Monday and already missed a few days. Thank you for sharing your creates. The etch-n-sketch is neat! I haven’t seen an etch-n-sketch since I was kid! 🙂 Looks like you had a fun week.



  2. alondramunoz says:

    Like Val said, way to stay on track. I have also been missing a few days. It looks like you had fun making these, I bet you’re relieved that you got it out of the way. Also are we allowed to jump around between the daily creates or do we have to follow each day’s new create?


    • hillarybollish says:

      They were pretty fun. We are allowed to jump around, we just have to make sure that we do 2 of : audio, writing, video, photography, and one more that I can’t remember right now. I did all of these the first two weeks so that afterwards I could do whichever ones interested me the most. Hope this helps!


  3. mindycressdigitalliteracyspring2017 says:

    Hillary, awesome job with your progress! I enjoyed looking at your creativity with this project. I hope you are having as much fun with this project as I am.


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