New World of Activism

When I think about the word politics going hand in hand with teaching it’s something that has always made me shudder. I have heard horror stories of teachers voicing their political opinions in and out of school and both ways having negative consequences for the teacher. After further investigation and research, I believe that  future educators and current educators should be involved in digital activism and should be able to voice opinions about education that matter to them. Of course it should always be used conjunction with positive digital citizenship.

The New Face of Teen Activism  blog post really opened my eyes to how powerful social media can be and is in today’s politically charged world. You can start new movements and 10 minutes later it can have reached thousands or millions of people depending on your following base. Also, these social media platforms allow people to have respectful and safe place for every walk of life to voice their political opinion. For people in today’s day and age that is a huge thing, we are forever connected to the internet, and I believe the access to these social activist platforms helps raise awareness. Although online activism isn’t for everyone, if it is getting the younger generation involved and making changes, I believe that it is a wonderful thing.

Not only is the internet helping the younger generation become more involved with politics, it is helping raise awareness of other non political movements. Bill Ferriter briefly blogged about what causes his students blog about in My Kids, a cause and our classroom blog. If you are using technology in the classroom and there is some cause that you and your students are passionate about this is something that is easy to incorporate! To me this would be something that I would love to incorporate into a Language Arts course.

When I was a high school student, I feel as if I was only concerned with normal teenage things. I think that it’s great that Gabby Frost, who started The Buddy Project, is concerned with helping the people not only directly around her but across the globe. I have embeded a video of Gabby explaining what the organization is because I know I would butcher it!

Watching Gabby come up with such an amazing idea is inspiring. I think that all of us, especially adults can learn from her movement. We can now think even further outside of the box when it comes to activism; We can now reach across the entire globe. Researching teen activists and showing our students different ways they can get involved is a great way to go, and potentially could start something like The Buddy Project.



8 thoughts on “New World of Activism

  1. barnardeducationblog says:

    So great that kids and students can get involved safely and appropriately. I think it’s very important that students are up to date with National and Worldwide news and events. Having a voice in these experiences is something that students can use as their presence instead of being in the line of fire. Great post!


  2. barnardeducationblog says:

    How awesome of you! Running is something that is mentally deliberating. It feels awesome to get going, but man it’s hard to get that 1st step out of the door! Where is this 1/2 marathon? I looked at the site, but couldn’t quite tell. Is in in Nebraska? Great progress on the training program you’ve made for yourself! Classes will be over by then, but excited to hear how it went 🙂


  3. hillarybollish says:

    Thanks! The half marathon will be in Papillion, NE. It’s out extremely close to Omaha. I think the best thing I’ve done for myself is make that schedule. It helps keep me on track and not skip my workouts!


  4. kelseaprieels says:

    Hillary, I really enjoyed reading your blog and I couldn’t agree more that educators need to put in their thoughts on the political side, but they need to do it using digital citizenship. I also think it is amazing how one person can make such a difference in the world. It is also amazing to see how fast something can travel across the globe with digital activism.


  5. hillarybollish says:

    Thanks Kelsea! I also agree, you never know what kind of difference you can make if you don’t try and put your voice out there. There are many people who think just like you. That’s what I love about digital activism. It gets a message across to a wide variety of people as well as a large audience.


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