Run Forrest! Run!

To go along with my ILP of bettering my life in random ways. I have decided that I am going to run a second half marathon May 21st of this year. This is something that I have been going back and forth on for a while now. My first half marathon wasn’t the greatest experience, but I also wasn’t proud of the time that I got. I feel as if I have to prove to myself that I am capable of so much more than my 2 hour and 30 minute time I got the first go around.

My first half marathon I trained hard, but not as consistently as I wished I would have. Also, there were a couple of other factors that I feel made my time worse than what I had trained for. My half marathon was in Vegas, so we walked around all day before the race, stayed up late, and before the marathon we had to be there 3 hours early, so we stood around a lot. Some of these were factors that I could control, but some of them weren’t. So, this next marathon around I have decided to train harder so that I hopefully do not run into this same problem, and blow myself away.

This time around I have decided to use the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 training program. This is the same program I used the last time, but I used the Novice 1 training program. I actually already am 3 weeks into my training. This week, I decided to make an entire calendar for my running partner and I based on the runs that we are supposed to do that day. I also color coded all of the runs based on if they were cross training days, regular running days, or paced run days. I feel that this will help keep me more accountable and more on track then when I trained last time.


Honestly, making and filling out what I’ve done so far for my training this week has sparked an entirely new motivation in me. You might notice my goal in big letters and the 2 hour and 10 minute goal! This is the goal time that I hope to achieve based on how I trained last season. I know that if I work hard then this is something that is totally achievable. You might wonder how I got this number, I used this website. This really helped me pick a goal that I thought was attainable. I think that a 9:55 min/per mile pace is something that I can keep up for 13.1 miles.

I am so excited to be starting this journey all over again. Through training and actually running a half marathon I’ve realized how mentally and physically tough I can be. I have turned many of my cant’s into can’s. That might sound cheesy, but when you cross that finish line after 13.1 miles of struggle and hard work, you feel such a sense of accomplishment and pride. I cannot wait until race day to kill this!

P.S. for those of you that are interested this is the half marathon I will be running in May. It is full of hills, so training on the monument path will become my best frenemy!


7 thoughts on “Run Forrest! Run!

  1. 2shaye says:

    Oh this is very exciting!! Where do you do your running? Almost a year ago I began a very slow haphazard training in prep for a long run. First, I did a 5K. Then I wasn’t sure what I would do next — a 10K or maybe jump up to a half marathon. Unfortunately, it would require a lot more wait time due to an unexpected injury. It was also frustrating to learn that all my training on a treadmill really didn’t translate to real-life street running in my 5K. I can run a pretty quick mile on the treadmill. I mean, it’s temperature controlled, level, few distractions, and there’s a bit of cushioning on the knees. Yeah, it’s just not the same on cement and asphalt. I’m inspired by your goals. Just looking at your color-coded chart gets me excited to start up training again. For now, I’m basically doing cross-training (as my treadmill just stopped working about a month ago). If Papillion was a lot closer, I would love to come cheer you on!


  2. hillarybollish says:

    Thanks Shaye! I know that if I didn’t have a seasoned vet to half marathon training my first time around I would have had no idea where to start with training. I agree with you 100% about the treadmill. The running on there does not really translate to outdoor running and training. There are just a handful more of unforeseen circumstances, terrain, hills, and mother nature that you don’t have when running inside. I truly believe it is hard to to keep a steady pace that you can hold when you are running outside as opposed to a treadmill, but I think that’s great that you ran a 5k! Cross training is an excellent place to start, especially if you’re thinking about training for a race again! I have started to get extremely bad shin splints, so I’ve already decided for next week that my ILP will be dedicated towards researching stretches, equipment, and shoes to hopefully help them from becoming worse. So awesome to be able to bond over running :).


  3. hillarybollish says:

    Also, sorry I forgot to let you know that I just do my running around Scottsbluff. It depends on the mileage. Usually for my 5+ mile runs I will run on the monument pathway that has hills and different elevation levels. The half marathon in Papillion is full of hills so I’m trying to get my body used to that!


  4. haleyhanks says:

    That is way cool!! I really look up to your motivation, I always tell myself I am going to run a longer distance than I end up really doing :(. I think your chart is super creative and organized, and it sounds like to are more than on the right track to reaching your goal. Good luck with your upcoming race and keep us updated!


  5. littlebrainfood says:

    How awesome of you to not give up and continue on with reaching your goal! I think that goes to show the type of person you are because sometimes after failing it’s hard to get back up. I did cross country up too my sophomore year of college and now I have little desire to run more than 30 minutes but I always admire people like you who do more than 30 minutes! I look forward to hear about your training during the rest of the semster and best of luck on you next half marathon! MENTAL TOUGHNESS!!! 🙂


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