Where is Waldo?

I think that many of us can safely say that this isn’t the first time we’ve googled ourselves. Am I right? I have always been curious as to what my online presence has been. Especially now as an adult, there are many social media sites that I have “quit”, so I feel as if my online presence isn’t as strong as it once was. Also, since I recently got married, I had two last names to plug in so that I could search for myself online. There are a multitude of hits that come up, some of them are me, but I felt like the majority were not.

Some of the things I noticed when I searched my maiden last name Ibarra, is that there were multiple hits that came up that weren’t at all about myself. In the images section of Google there were only a few images of myself, and then multiple of random people and Hillary Clinton. Honestly, most of the pictures underneath my maiden last name whether it was in quotations or not seemed to bring in a large quantity of Hillary Clinton pictures. Interestingly enough though, once I changed it to my married name, Bollish, there were almost no Hillary Clinton pictures, and again there were only a few that were actually me or related to me!


You can see all the Hillary’s that are not me here!

It was cool to see that I had in fact built up on an online presence with my married last name. That is thanks to this class! I could see that twitter and word press were definitely my most active sites and the first ones that popped up when I did a search for myself. I think that this is an advantage when it comes to potential employers looking up my online presence online. It shows that I have built professional relationships through my PLN before I have even stepped into the field of teaching!

Quite honestly I am wanting to improve my online presence more as well. My husband shows up on some of my searches on the second page of Google, so I think it’s a good idea to expand my network so that potential employers can see only or mostly results about me. I think that the more I hope that the more I blog and tweet and add pictures to both of these media sites, it will help add more of an online presence in the picture section so that it’s filled with more of who I am!


6 thoughts on “Where is Waldo?

  1. barnardeducationblog says:

    That’s interesting that you searched both of your last names! It’s also a bit amusing that Hillary Clinton came up just because of your first name. In your social media accounts do you use your full name? like First Middle Last or First Maiden Last? I wonder if that would make a difference! Great post!


    • hillarybollish says:

      Thanks! I have never used my full name. I’ve never really been fond of my middle name so I’ve never really included it in anything. That’s probably why there was almost absolutely nothing about myself there.


  2. blogwithkel says:

    I love the title of this post. This is exactly what it feels like to search yourself online! You might not see a single picture, but then you scroll and you see someone you know, then your mom, and then finally a picture of you that you posted in sixth grade. It is crazy how much content the internet can hold. Thanks for sharing!


    • hillarybollish says:

      Thanks Kelly! Yes, isn’t it crazy how sometimes when you Google yourself you find friends or family members. I think it’s weird how different people that are connected to you get lumped into your online footprint.


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