Making Moves

This ended up being yet another week of “DIY’ing”. I can’t say that it’s true DIY because all I did was assemble a table instead of build the whole thing from scratch. Nonetheless, I think that this fit perfectly into my idea of organizing my life. This table will open up more room, hide ugly chords, and give us some storage in our extra living space. It also will fit into our scheme of dark wood furniture that we have going on in our extra living space.


One would think that assembling a prefabricated table that had step-by-step instructions would be easy, but that wasn’t necessarily the case. Initially the instructions were clear, but then as we started adding more parts together it became a little more unclear. I realize this sounds backwards, but it truly the case with this table.

When we started coming in on the end of the project my husband and I realized that we had assembled something backwards because it didn’t look right, and I also realized he stopped reading the directions. So, you can see why our project was a little derailed. I was a little frustrated at first because it was going to take us longer than I had planned and we were going strong at an hour and a half. Another thing we both realized when we were about to fix it is the fact that we had used wood glue to bring together some of the pieces. Thankfully, the glue hadn’t completely dried and we were able to fix the frame so that it was even.

After that setback, most everything went smooth, hat was until we added the top on and realized there was an extra wood piece as well as multiple extra screws. This is where I literally did a face palm. We had done all this work, had already passed the two hour mark. After reading and rereading the instructions we realized that we forgot to put the missing piece inside, it was a shelf separator! After that, we were completely finished thankfully!

Of all of the ILP’s I’ve done so far, this one has proved itself the most challenging. I find that interesting given the fact that there were step by step instructions. I think that I am the type of person where I succeed better if I am able to have some creativity. I will keep this in mind for my future projects. I think from here on out I will stick to building things from scratch myself!





4 thoughts on “Making Moves

  1. vmfank says:

    The first step to success is using instructions! 🙂 I never touch the things. With the exception of one time where I was putting a breakfast nook together. 8 hours later…! I wish I would have used glue for it. It was a piece of junk! Way to ensure stability! Directions take forever, but I guess to ensure proper assembly they should probably be used. A lesson I am still learning. Nice job!


  2. triciamillerblog says:

    I thought this was a little funny, because missing a step is something I do very good at. I am glad you got it all figured out though! Great post, I really enjoyed reading about your struggle, can’t wait to see what else you do.


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