Expectations vs. Reality

I feel as if, like most of us in this class, this course came as a surprise to me. I figured this would be another course that taught technological/digital skills in a hands off way. Boy, I was completely wrong, and I am so happy that I was. This class has continued to surprise me in the way that it applies to real life learning and real world teaching, while giving us amazing resources and skills to implement in our future classrooms. This class has not only done that, but opened a door for me to become more skilled  and master many different types of digital resources that I never even knew existed.

One of the most valuable tools to me has been the easy access to our professor Shaye. The feedback, response time, and communication we have received have been a gigantic help in being successful in this course thus far. I feel as if this has been extremely helpful through out the first module, which I believe for me was the hardest because of getting used to the different expectations in this class. Never in my college career have I had a professor who frequently and every midweek check’s in on students to make sure that we are on track for that particular week. This is a perk of this class that I never expected, but am so appreciative of. I hope that this continues on throughout the rest of the course!

Another aspect of this class that I have been pleasantly surprised with is the fact that much of our digital learning is extremely  relatable to the field of education. Especially when it came to creating our PLN’s, I believe this has been the most interesting because it will continue to apply and grow throughout my career. I have taken many classes that are education based, but I feel as if they are outdated and some of the information is not suitable for a 21st century classroom. The resources, hands on experience, and PLN’s we have learned to create are priceless in the classroom. Again, I thought this class would be another course where the information I learned would seldom be used outside of the class, and once again I was proved wrong.

This course has been more in depth work than I anticipated, but it has also been work that I know I can continue to use into my professional teaching career.  I feel as if I have and have always had good time management skills, but this class has refined those skills even more. I feel that adding this class along with my others I currently am enrolled in is helping me understand how many tasks can potentially be on my plate and how I must have excellent time management skills to get what I need to done.

Overall this class has exceeded my expectations in terms of actual learning material, professor feedback, and potential for using what we learn in the education field. I’m excited to continue to expand and deepen my knowledge as it pertains to digital literacy in the educational field.


One thought on “Expectations vs. Reality

  1. 2shaye says:

    I’m so glad to hear that this course has been a good experience, thus far. Through each semester of teaching digital literacy, I’ve discovered that I have so much more to learn — ALL. THE. TIME. It never stops, even after the degree or certification or classroom experience. 🙂 It’s nice to be on this learning journey with you. Have a great rest of the semester!


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