Life Improvement

When I started off earlier this week with my ILP I realized that I was going to end up doing the same thing I did last week, which was making the kennel covers for The Humane Society.  Since I had never executed that craft before, it took me all of my two hours last week of trying to figure it out. I definitely knew that The Humane Society would need more than that, so this week that is what I got to work on.

Thankfully this week I was able to make 2 ½ more in an hour span. Then, I thought to myself, this is going to occur frequently, where I am doing various projects multiple times in different weeks. I was stuck, I realized that I didn’t/couldn’t blog about the same project I had done last week, because there were no new breakthroughs. I had already done the learning last week, and that enabled me to finish two more at a faster rate.

I love the ILP that I initially picked, but I realized after some serious thinking, that I was going to need to supplement my original idea with a broader topic. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I love crafting, no matter what it is, or building. After talking with Shaye, I decided it was a better plan to broaden my scope of “passion”. I decided to open it up to a “life improvement” passion as my ILP.

For me the life improvement encompasses all that I want to do, while still including The Humane Society that was my initial idea. For me, the live improvement incorporates giving back to the community, which involves The Humane society, to something such as DIY’ing projects around the home. I decided that the passions I want to pursue mostly dealt with wanting to enrich my life while being able to explore things I love. I hope to pursue a multitude of different projects such as meal prepping, building/DIY for myself and dogs, as well as cooking.

This week I decided that I was going to fix/DIY a new baby gate that we have up to keep the “dog room” separated from our second living space. We have this up, so during the day our big dog can’t get out and eat everything in the house! We already have a baby gate up at the house, but our big dog Nash has found a way to jump over it, and consequently the top is starting to come off and it looks pretty bad.


What I hope to accomplish!


Our current baby gate, (please don’t judge the dirty floor), it is lifted in the middle and the hinges where it connects on the right side has been pulled out many times!

I “shopped” around Pinterest under the DIY section for about an hour, and found this 10 Minute DIY Baby/Pet Gate that I plan on trying to replicate for my house and dogs . Looking at this project I already know that it will definitely take me more than 10 minutes to finish the project, and I will probably need to enlist the help of my husband to work his tools. Gathering the materials, setting up the tools, and constructing the actual baby gate will probably take about an hour or an hour and a half for me, since I am fairly inexperienced with power tools.

For me, this next project meshes my love for my pups, as well as a love for DIY’ing and making my home look more pristine. I can’t wait to begin my project on Monday and add a nicer looking baby gate without breaking the bank!


4 thoughts on “Life Improvement

  1. mindycressdigitalliteracyspring2017 says:

    Hillary, I think it is amazing how you took a step back and looked how you can further your ILP. With your new focus there are unlimited things you can do. I also like how you are still going to help out The Humane Society, but you also found ways to help others, such as cooking meals. I can’t wait to read your blog next week to see how the baby gate turned out. I may have to enlist you to make one for me. Good luck on your new experiment next week.


  2. vmfank says:

    I love that you are giving back to the humane society and the special animals there. Then you went home and “gave back” to your pup. He may not have been as appreciative of the gate as you though. haha! Your gates look great! Let me know if you want to make a couple for my house. 🙂


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