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When I first heard we were setting up a Personal Learning Network, I didn’t even know what it was and I was pretty intimidated. I wasn’t sure where to start, what a PLN really was, and who I would even want to include in my personal network.  After reading How to Cultivate a Personal Learning Network, it really gave me the sturdy framework I needed to dig in and get my hands dirty.

I realized that building your PLN starts off as finding people and topics you are interested in. For me, this happened to fall underneath elementary education. After searching for a while I realized that there were so many other great twitter profiles that encompassed all of education, not just certain grade levels. After that I decided that I could and can learn just as much from the general education profiles as I could from the profiles aimed only at elementary education.

Some of these profiles that encompass education are aimed at the national level, so anything going on at that level gets blogged, tweeted, and talked about all on that profile. There is another twitter profile that I follow @MyClassroomIdea that is all about a network of teachers sharping pictures of things such as bulletin board ideas, decorations, and other teaching ideas. The second twitter profile encompasses more of the elementary level because of the bulletin board ideas, but they are great ideas that hopefully someday I can use in my classroom.

The article I talked about earlier suggested that I try to use listorious to find preset lists of people we could be interested in. I first checked out their website and was re-directed to When I got there I could only choose if I was PR professional or a journalist and would have to make a profile. For me, this was too much unnecessary work to find other education professionals that I could just filter through Twitter myself.  So I decided to use Google as a guide and find another way to find education professionals on twitter.

When I went out searching on my own in google I found this article, How To: Use Twitter . This gave me step by step instructions on how to set up the list feature on my twitter profile. There are various tasks that you can utilize when setting up and getting your list together. I ended up grouping most of my education profiles together under elementary education. Instead of searching my entire timeline for those tweets, if I go into my list I can see all the people that I’ve added to that groups tweets, I can see the members, and can also see if anyone else has subscribed to the list that I have made.

Please feel free to look under my list & if you like it subscribe to it! Honestly, that’s how I found a lot of the useful twitter profiles that I decided I wanted to follow. I looked at other education profiles lists and then explored their education lists from there and decided which ones I liked, and ended up adding them to my list and following them.  All in all I am really impressed and excited to interact with other people in my PLN. Twitter has made it easy and pain free to see the events going on my education world. I’m so excited we got to start building our PLN’s because it’s something that I will be able to use throughout my entire professional teaching career.


8 thoughts on “Collaboration Station

  1. bryandentonblog says:

    Great blog! I really like finding people and things on twitter! I think it can be a great way to get information! Also I have see some that are talking about conventions, not that I am able to go or would go now but it is definitely something to be aware of!


    • hillarybollish says:

      Thanks Bryan! I also really liked finding people and hearing their ideas on twitter. It makes it easy to have it all in one central location. Yes, some people are attending conventions, the great thing about that is they usually blog or tweet about it so you can get some of the general information without having to actually go!

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  2. ashlynhansondiglit says:

    I also chose to encompass the greater world of education in my PLN, rather than limit it to just one area. Once I began exploring, there were too many different accounts that provided great information, and I couldn’t imagine leaving them out! Conducting Google searches for lists of educators on Twitter was one of my methods in creating my PLN as well. I found this to be a helpful starting point, but definitely had to work my way around other pages to find more people that I really wanted to connect and collaborate with. I haven’t worked much with creating lists. Have you found that to be helpful in organizing your Twitter world?? That may be something I should look in to!


    • hillarybollish says:

      After I started my lists I am now so thankful that I started it, and I don’t even have all of the education accounts I follow grouped in there yet. I love it because it’s all in one organized place in twitter. I can go into my lists and see what everyone has posted, easily add people to the group, and other people can follow my lists. For me, it makes it easier to see all of that content in one concentrated location within twitter, instead of having to go to each page individually all of the recent twitter posts pop up. It kind of reminds me of feedly, you add all of the accounts and then you can find all the recent activity in one place. I feel like you should try it out! If you don’t end up liking it it’s easy to get rid of!


  3. blogwithkel says:

    I completely agree. I was so confused and lost when I began the creation of my PLN, but soon I realized that it’s as easy as finding your passion and building your education in that passion. I think a PLN is such an amazing idea because it can help us grow in what we love. I know that my PLN will guide me to be a better teacher, coach, and lit major in my future, and I hope that yours do the same. Have fun!!


    • hillarybollish says:

      Yes! After I started actually looking and reading the content in some of the twitter profiles, I realized that it was easy to build up my PLN. I agree, my PLN will help me better learn, understand, and collaborate with people from all over the world.


  4. ryanlmosier says:

    I too was intimidated by the Personal Learning Network and the fact that we had to add 100 people. The one site you found with teachers sending in ideas to sharpen each other sounds like a good one to have because it is a PLN in itself. I also think it is cool that you learned how to use twitter better in the process.


    • hillarybollish says:

      Yes, that’s why I liked it so much. I feel that it had so much information that really could contribute and give instruction in how I wanted to shape my PLN and the outcome. I think so too! I’m glad that I found that list trick, it makes it easier to be able to track what all of the twitter profiles of my PLN are up to.

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