Earlier this week on twitter I shared the three biggest passions that I hold. First and foremost will always be my family. They have been my rock through life and through my growing pains. A second and obvious passion of mine is teaching. I love working with students, building relationships, and helping them grow as young people. My third passion has just developed within the last four years. It is the absolute love of dogs. In the past four years I have had 3 of my own.


Willbur after a successful pheasant hunt.

When I moved out here with my husband he already had one dog named Willbur. He really taught me how to love a dog. He was already “older”, 6 years to be exact, when I first got to move in with him. He was loyal, loving, mellow, and most of all loved to hunt. My husband David saved him as a puppy from being killed. He was the runt of the litter and not expected to live long, but my husband helped him survive. From that day forward they were truly best friends. Unfortunately November 18, 2015 we lost Willbur at 9 years old unexpectedly. It was a profound loss for both my husband and I. I realized looking back on his life he taught me so much about love, passion, and loyalty. These are lessons I will never forget.


Nash as a puppy.

Before Willbur’s life ended, we bought a puppy named Nash. We knew that Willbur would have to retire eventually from hunting; my husband is a professional guide on top of teaching, so we purchased Nash from a local kennel. Nash was the ultimate little brother, always annoying, tugging, and following Willbur around. Nash was the first puppy that I ever had to go through training with. All I can say is that Nash taught me so much patience, as well as unconditional love of a dog mom :).


My hairy baby Moose.


Brotherly love

Before Willbur had passed and we had both Nash & Willbur, I had wanted a dog of my own. Whenever David left to hunt I was always left alone, so I really wanted a dog to always keep me company. A few months after Willbur died I somehow convinced him that getting a small dog that would always stay with me was a great idea! Some of David’s students worked at the humane society and they would occasionally bring dogs in. One day one of the girls brought in one of the dogs that had just come in. David sent me a picture, and we both fell in love.

We ended up fostering him for a week before making his decision. All I can say is, it wasn’t love at first sight for both Moose & Nash. Moose had a tough background and it was apparent when we first took him in. He despised Nash & any time he would come close Moose would bear his teeth at him. Thankfully, after a few months Nash & Moose fell in brother love and are true brothers in every way. Moose is the most affectionate, smart, and loving little dog. He still has problems that he carries from his past, but he fits perfectly in our little family.

Thinking about how much I absolutely love my own dogs, and how great adopted dogs are given the chance, I admire the work and effort that non-profit dog shelters such as the Humane Society and Pawsitive Endings, which serves the panhandle, put in. I have decided to mesh my passion and love of dogs and crafting together. I have e-mailed both of these establishments, and will help them in multiple ways. On certain days I will spend time walking dogs, cleaning kennels, transporting dogs, or maybe even crafting necessities for the dogs in both shelters.

I’m thrilled to start my work with both of these organizations that do wonderful work for the community as well as for dogs. I hope to bring some hope, love, and excitement to some of the dog’s lives. As well as help to continue to sustain and contribute to the ongoing success of the wonderful work that is done. Two of our dogs were “adopted”, and I think it’s a great choice that enriches both your life & the dog you choose to love.


8 thoughts on “#Adoptdontshop

  1. ashlynhansondiglit says:

    What a cool idea, Hillary! I think it is amazing that you are planning to use this project to do something that you are passionate about and help dogs in need all at the same time! I look forward to hearing about all of your animal adventures!!


    • hillarybollish says:

      Thanks Ashlyn! I’m super excited to be able to work with dogs & help with volunteering at the local shelter. Even if it’s cleaning out kennels, I’m excited to be able to give back in some way. Especially for the dogs, who through no fault of their own have ended up in a shelter. I think they deserve a little bit of hope or happiness through out their stay at the shelter.



  2. haleyhanks says:

    I think that it is AWESOME that you adopted your dogs, and that more people definitely need to look into places such as the humane society when looking for a pet. My dog is my very best friend and I could not imagine my life without him. I really enjoyed reading your post. 🙂


    • hillarybollish says:

      Thanks Haley! I really love dogs, and like you both of my dogs are my best friends! They definitely make life a lot more interesting. I’m excited to start working & helping with the community as well as dogs 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

  3. triciamillerblog says:


    I love love love this! Dogs are such great animals. I have had many friends adopt dogs, and have said it was the best thing they have ever done. I currently have two dogs that I would be lost without, and they are both the runts of their litters. I have a thing for the underdogs turns out. Can’t wait to hear more about your project. Good luck!



    • hillarybollish says:

      Thanks Tricia! I also agree, I think that dogs are such amazing animals. I love rooting for the underdog :). Especially when they come out & succeed, I think that has to be my favorite part. Thanks for the comment!


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