What in the world is digital literacy?

My generation has grown up encompassed in technology. But, I think that every one of us can agree that today’s generation is swimming in it. There are kids who know more about digital literacy than I do, and know how to work many more pieces of technological equipment than I do. To me, the generation in school right now is the definition of digital literacy. They understand the in’s and out’s of how to use several different technological platforms and create new information from it. These kids are fluent in technology, how to integrate it in to their life and learning, and how to create new information using these platforms.

You could go to an elementary or middle school classroom and at random pick 5 students and they would more than likely know how to use multiple different pieces of technology that all had different set ups. I would say that students are arguably more digitally fluent than ever before.

Having this information as educators is important. We know that our students are technologically advanced so we must incorporate technology in to the classroom. We need to add activities like skyping with foreign classrooms, digital scavenger hunts, and virtual museum tours. With these activities students are able to put their own digital fluency to the test while being able to interact in real time while still learning.

When it comes to digital literacy, I feel that I am aware of the kind of technology students want to see in the classroom. Students want to be able to use things such as laptops, activboards, and websites such as youtube in the classroom. If students are able to use technology that they are familiar with, and given the reigns to learn more, they will definitely blow your mind.

I really want to learn how to center curriculum and lesson plans around technology. I think that technology is not emphasized enough in today’s classroom, even though technology is swiftly developing. I want to provide my students with the opportunity to present information to me in more ways than just traditional paper and pencil. I think it’s important for them to explore and share information they know in a way that is comfortable for them, and for many it is technology.

I know that in many classrooms and districts the funds are simply not available for every student to get a personal laptop or have a state of the art technology facility. I hope to learn and challenge myself to learn different and innovative ways to break past these barriers. I think it is so important for students to learn in an environment that is just as technologically up to date as their every day lives are.

To be effective digital learners and leaders we have to be open to the fast paced world of digital technology. As educators we have to be up to date and fluent ourselves in the technological equipment that we have in our room. If we do not know how to effectively use the technology in the classroom, how can we expect to teach our students?




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